Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No Photos YET!

I've been putting off writing a new entry until I could get my hands on a new USB cord for my camera, but that seems to be a-ways off--maybe on Thursday?

Anyway, this past weekend was tolerable. Nice, even. Friday night was comprised of wine and baba ghanouj at La Bocca, and $4.50(!) Jack-and-Diet-Cokes at Yucca Tap Room(whilst surrounded by indie scenester clones). on Saturday, we headed to Malee's Thai Bistro, in old town Scottsdale. the rule here is: order anything with curry, and you're set. unfortunately, I bypassed that rule and ordered a salad which was supposed to come with edamame and rice noodles, but instead was composed of largely wilted lettuce and slimy 'grilled chicken'. disgusting. sent it back, and opted for some (extremely bland) mussels and a side of steamed veggies(which happened to be the best 'dish' I ordered, once I added some of the curry from J's duck dish).

and, on Sunday, we dropped our laundry off at J's parents' house and saw '9', which turned out to be pretty darn good, if a teensy bit anticlimactic.

yesterday was a day of progress. we cleaned the house together--dishes, kitchen, bathroom, vacuuming, all 3 litterboxes, garbage--and then went out and bought my bike(a totally fantastic slate-silver Raleigh hybrid--pictures soon!) and dropped off several job applications(crossing my fingers for a kennel tech position at the local veterinary hospital!).

ah, well...my bike and I are off to Whole Foods for lunch, and Starbucks for my tall-decaf-no whip-cinnamon dulce-iced-Americano!

oh, and to keep the interest up until I can post recent photos, here are my little loves:

Sushi Princess Izzy Marley

Severus Albus Leela

Amusez-vous bien!


  1. Hi, Gina! It's Rina from Xanga (XianDai_NuRen). How funny that you've moved over here to blogspot.. I made the transition sometime ago, myself but I've not really blogged as of yet. Hehe. I'm glad to hear from you, it's been a while and I was starting to get worried. Yay for being blogger friends, again! :) Much love.

  2. Aww, how precious. Good luck at your job interview! If anyone would make a great vet tech it would be you, you have plenty of experience :)

  3. Rina, hey! you've gotta post some entries, chica! :D how've you been, anyway?


    and, Panda--thanks so much :D they might take me on for a seasonal job(but hell, I'll take anything at this point!)...I was wondering, has anyone noticed I'm gone on TSW/TSF? and do they know about my blog?(TELL THEM, PLZ!)