Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spreading the Laughter Today :)

I have 10 job applications to do online(in the bedroom), and a 'Law&Order:SVU' marathon to watch(in the living room). I need to make a horcrux. any willing victims?


anyway, this video(<--click) cracked me right the F up...talking with the peons on the UC Berkeley campus. kind of worrying, actually.

another useful set of videos can be found HERE, debunking the 'Story of Stuff' video that's been traversing the 'net. check it out, and educate yourself, rather than being indoctrinated.

I'm off to BS for a bit longer, then get dressed, eat something, and buckle down.

be sure to check out that second link!

Amusez-vous bien!


  1. lol I tried to watch them - I got about five mins in, but our internet connection in this hotel is SOOO slow, it caps out at 30 megs :( I will watch the rest of them when I am at Panera bread or somewhere that has a better internet connection. From what I did watch (this is gonna be long, :D) from the first video of the Berkley students, wow. That is the response you would get from most students on our campus too. Really sad, but funny nonetheless. The 'Story of Stuff' Seriously? They show that in school? I mean, there is the basic premise that we should conserve resources, donate to charity, not waste, etc. But that is as much a moral and socioeconomic principle (eg give to those who are less fortunate) than it is an environmental one. Although I do care about the environment, recycle, drive a fuel efficient car, etc. I totally agree with everything the guy commentator was saying - I have an undergrad in chemical engineering - read ickey production in her "cycle of stuff" "diagram" - if you could call it a diagram. Anyway, the economy thing is spot on and true. I also have a masters in materials science - the nanotechnology thing - eg "things getting smaller" is also true. What environmentalists - like hard core hippie environmentalists - fail to realize is that for our standard of living manufacturing technology is just necessary, we just have to be smarter about it. They want to whine and complain about everything but you don't see any of them giving up toilet paper, food, etc. to go live in the woods. Things like turning off the lights, not wasting water, not driving as much, etc. HELP, but pale in comparison to the amount of waste manufacturing facilities emit. However, as it is not feasible to stop manufacturing goods, we (as scientists and engineers) just have to come with innovative solutions to minimize impact and waste while maximizing product efficiency, lifetime, and usability. I have no idea about the condition of landfills and how trash is compacted, because I don't frequent landfills, but it makes sense that as technology in every other field has increased then so has trash compacting technology. I think wind, solar, nuclear, ALL forms of power are useful and have their advantages and disadvantages. We just have to find a way to utilize them to the best of our ability. One thing that I always tell people, and they think I am crazy, but it is really true: If we do indeed "run out of space", "burn our ozone layer" , etc.. We should already have a colonization plan for other planets. For the future of our species, regardless of the condition of the earth, we should be focusing on discovering other habitable planets, moons, etc. When I say that everyone thinks I mean "well just trash the planet and then move somewhere else and trash it too" but it's not that simple. Anyway, those are my thoughts on the first five minutes of the video. So, I totally agree with you, it is very one sided, biased, and is really more opinion than fact, eg. appealing to feelings rather than offering solutions. Ok, stepping off soapbox now :)

  2. LOL, I have nothing to add to this :) you said it all!